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Student School Project Fundraiser


Project Description

Our current Student School Project is designed to provide a level of computer literacy to the students in our schools in Kenya, Africa. ‘Computer literacy’ is a basic familiarity with and understanding of computers which allows one to operate independently with a computer. We believe that all students will likely need some level of computer literacy in order to compete in the job market, or to be informed citizens.

Project Details

  • Our goal will allow us to purchase 30 computer systems – a combination of desktop and laptop systems. (Operating System software, CPU, monitor and peripherals).
  • We will start with a computer lab setup (all computers in one room). As we are able to provide more computers, we will move to small, in-classroom computer labs for ease of access.
  • All donations will go directly toward funding the purchase of computers.
  • The computers will allow students to access a variety of educational programs and information.
  • A server and printer/scanner will also be purchased as part of the Student School Project.
  • All donations are tax-deductible.

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