Our Mission

Our mission is to reach and influence the world for Jesus Christ through the power of the local church, transforming mindsets and equipping people to lead and make an impact in every aspect of life – empowering them to Live Better, Love Better, Serve Better and Give Better through the power of Jesus Christ.

Living the Harvest Life

Since founding Harvest Life over 21 years ago, Bishop Lyle Dukes and Pastor Deborah Dukes continue to be passionate, life-transforming Kingdom leaders helping men, women, youth, pastors, everyone they come in contact with, to change their lives through the power of Jesus Christ. Harvest Life is a vibrant local church designed to fulfill God’s purpose on the earth. We are empowering people to discover God’s purpose and plan for the next level of their lives. When it comes to building a foundation for your life, there’s no better place than the local church!