Church in Motion…Church in Motion…Church in Motion!

Now is the time for the church to mobilize!

It’s time for powerful, effective, life-changing ministry!

It’s time to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our neighborhoods, communities, cities and the entire world!

It’s time for the Local Church Conference!  Meet us here at Harvest Life Church in Woodbridge, VA from Wednesday, September 26th through Friday, September 28th.  Pastors, church leaders and members are coming together to strategize, be equipped and get insight on how to optimize ministry for effective Kingdom results!

The local church is on a mission – and the Local Church Conference is here to help put the church in motion!

Get ready for powerful seminars, practical hands-on training, a visit to the site of our new worship center, a dynamic Pastors and Spouses Luncheon and so much more!

We’re also hosting sessions on Passionate Music for the Local Church, Filling Your House through Effective Evangelism, Empowering Programs for Youth and Children’s Ministries, a special Pastors Track and more!  You will be equipped with life-changing training that will transform your ministry!

Get ready for Church in Motion!  Wednesday, September 26th through Friday, September 28th!

The Local Church Conference is for EVERYONE!  Register today and get yourself, your ministry and your church in motion to make a greater Kingdom impact!

Bishop Lyle Dukes and Pastor Deborah Dukes



Pastors and Spouses Information Reception


New Worship Center Visit


Evening Services


Pastors and Spouses Luncheon


Morning Sessions


First Ladies Connection


EARLY BIRD:  $50 (ends Sunday, September 23rd)


GROUP RATE:  $25 per person





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When making my hotel reservations, should I call the hotel directly, or do I have to go through Lyle and Deborah Dukes Ministries to book my hotel?
You should make your reservations directly with the hotels. While we do not recommend specific hotels, for your convenience, we have provided a list of hotels that are near the church in the section above, “Area Hotel Accommodations and Restaurants”.

Does Lyle and Deborah Dukes Ministries provide transportation to and from the airport and hotels?
Lyle and Deborah Dukes Ministries does not provide transportation to and from hotels or the airports.

What should I wear?
Attire is casual/business.

Will there be special seating for those in wheelchairs?
We have special seating accommodations for those in wheelchairs. Upon your arrival to the conference, please inform one of the ushers (they will be wearing usher badges) that you need special accommodations.

Can I save seats?
In efforts to accommodate the many conference attendees, seats cannot be saved or held. Once you are seated, we don’t recommend leaving your things unattended. Lyle and Deborah Dukes Ministries is not responsible for and cannot guarantee the safety of your personal property.

Who may attend the Pastors and Spouses Information Reception?
The reception is open to Senior Pastors and spouses who are registered for the conference. There is no admission fee, but you must RSVP (available when you register) to reserve your seat. To RSVP after you have already registered, call the church at 703-490-4040. Click here to register for the conference and the Pastors and Spouses Information Reception.

Do you have to be registered for the conference to attend the Pastors and Spouses Luncheon?
Yes. You must register for the conference to take advantage of this dynamic event. Please note that the luncheon is open to Senior Pastors and their spouses only. There is an additional cost of $25 per person for this event. This luncheon sells out every conference so we encourage you to purchase your seat in advance. Click here to register for the conference and the Pastors and Spouses Luncheon today!

Where can I go to eat during the conference?
There are several restaurants within walking distance of the church, and many others within a 2-3 mile radius. For your convenience, we also offer meals to go after the evening services. Check the section above, “Area Hotel Accommodations and Restaurants”,  for a map of local restaurants.

Can I meet Bishop Dukes and Pastor Deborah or have my picture taken with them?
Although Bishop Dukes and Pastor Deborah would love to meet and accommodate picture requests, because of their schedule, as well as the number of attendees, they are unable to do so. You will have an opportunity to hear from and see Bishop Dukes and Pastor Deborah throughout the various sessions and services of the conference.